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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cherry, Cherry, Cherry, Cherry, CAKE!

Hey people! It's been a while, but the EAFYIDPETers haven't quit just yet. We were all back in town for break so we decided to get together and try some new flavors. We decided it was only fitting for this winter EAFYIDPET to be held in the great outdoors while there was an abundance of snow, so we bundled up, grabbed the yogurt, and headed to a shelter in Bryan Park.

As what is probably typical, the flavors surprised us. We feared the wacky new Kroger Carbmaster dessert flavors (including Carrot Cake, which made us giggle, and Spiced Pear, which was so much like simply eating pureed pear that it blew our minds), but they were surprisingly pleasant. Yo'Crunch's Cheesecake Graham Cookie was a miss. The cheesecake flavored yogurt wasn't a very good base and the graham cookie pieces looked like dry cat food. And though Silk had previously proven to be the best soy yogurt, their Cherry flavor should simply not be consumed, and O'Soy was like eating slime with a slight fruity aftertaste. However, Liberte surprised us by making more of their flavors available in Bloomington. Coconut, though not a favorite amongst us, had good texture and tasted just as coconut should, with minimal bits. And lemon was a crowd pleaser.

All in all, we had an excellent session, albeit cold. Be sure to check our Twitter for a play by play of zany quotes from the day, and come back to the blog every once in a while - I predict we aren't quite done, yet.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What!? New Ratings!?

We all came back from college at the same time and decided to honor this serendipitous arrangement (usually called Winter Break but known to us only as the gap in college clearly intended for yogurt consumption) by rating new yogurt. Some of the stores even seemed to anticipate us, displaying many a yogurt with labels of "New!" and "Oh, please rate me!" and "I'm gosh darn tasty!" Well... I might have made those last two up.

I'll let Siarra do the real blogging though; I'm just here to say the following:

Light and Fit
Caramel - 10

Super Smoothie
Wild Berry - 9.3

Blueberry - 3.8
Raspberry - 6

Coconut - 8.5
Lemon - 13.7

Black Cherry - 3.7

Carrot Cake - 10.8
Spiced Pear - 14.7
Raspberry Yumberry - 13.17
Vanilla Chai - 9.17
Tropical Fruit - 10.3
Strawberry Colada - 7.7

Brown Cow
Fruit on the Bottom, Cream Top
Peach - 8.17
Fruit on the Bottom, Low Fat
Blueberry - 8.5

Yoplait Light
Black Forest Cake - 11.7
Triple Berry Torte - 10.17

Oikos - 8.5

Vanilla with Chocolate Cookie - 10.7
Cheesecake with Graham Cookie - 8
Fruit Parfait
Blueberry - 8.5
Peach - 10.17
Strawberry - 10.3