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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cherry, Cherry, Cherry, Cherry, CAKE!

Hey people! It's been a while, but the EAFYIDPETers haven't quit just yet. We were all back in town for break so we decided to get together and try some new flavors. We decided it was only fitting for this winter EAFYIDPET to be held in the great outdoors while there was an abundance of snow, so we bundled up, grabbed the yogurt, and headed to a shelter in Bryan Park.

As what is probably typical, the flavors surprised us. We feared the wacky new Kroger Carbmaster dessert flavors (including Carrot Cake, which made us giggle, and Spiced Pear, which was so much like simply eating pureed pear that it blew our minds), but they were surprisingly pleasant. Yo'Crunch's Cheesecake Graham Cookie was a miss. The cheesecake flavored yogurt wasn't a very good base and the graham cookie pieces looked like dry cat food. And though Silk had previously proven to be the best soy yogurt, their Cherry flavor should simply not be consumed, and O'Soy was like eating slime with a slight fruity aftertaste. However, Liberte surprised us by making more of their flavors available in Bloomington. Coconut, though not a favorite amongst us, had good texture and tasted just as coconut should, with minimal bits. And lemon was a crowd pleaser.

All in all, we had an excellent session, albeit cold. Be sure to check our Twitter for a play by play of zany quotes from the day, and come back to the blog every once in a while - I predict we aren't quite done, yet.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What!? New Ratings!?

We all came back from college at the same time and decided to honor this serendipitous arrangement (usually called Winter Break but known to us only as the gap in college clearly intended for yogurt consumption) by rating new yogurt. Some of the stores even seemed to anticipate us, displaying many a yogurt with labels of "New!" and "Oh, please rate me!" and "I'm gosh darn tasty!" Well... I might have made those last two up.

I'll let Siarra do the real blogging though; I'm just here to say the following:

Light and Fit
Caramel - 10

Super Smoothie
Wild Berry - 9.3

Blueberry - 3.8
Raspberry - 6

Coconut - 8.5
Lemon - 13.7

Black Cherry - 3.7

Carrot Cake - 10.8
Spiced Pear - 14.7
Raspberry Yumberry - 13.17
Vanilla Chai - 9.17
Tropical Fruit - 10.3
Strawberry Colada - 7.7

Brown Cow
Fruit on the Bottom, Cream Top
Peach - 8.17
Fruit on the Bottom, Low Fat
Blueberry - 8.5

Yoplait Light
Black Forest Cake - 11.7
Triple Berry Torte - 10.17

Oikos - 8.5

Vanilla with Chocolate Cookie - 10.7
Cheesecake with Graham Cookie - 8
Fruit Parfait
Blueberry - 8.5
Peach - 10.17
Strawberry - 10.3


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Master List updated

Hi everybody! So... I went to college. And they have homework. And I didn't update the Master List.

And the world was sad.

But! I snagged a few hours free from the Evil Homework Monster and updated the list. Link here. Enjoy! Eat yogurt! Comment with your own ratings!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Yesterday when dining at the Wright Food Court at IU, Jessica and I (Adam) finally located Yoplait Pina Colada yogurt. Since we had never been able to find it at a grocery store to taste, I insisted that we buy it then and rate it. It's flavor was not very strong, though it did have bits of coconut (and possibly bits of pineapple?) mixed in. It was not overwhelmingly unpleasant and it received eights from both of us. Apologies for the lack of pictures from this unexpected yogurt session.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yogurt by the numbers

The moment you've all been waiting for!


Highest Rated
Yoplait - Original - French Vanilla 17
Yoplait - Original - Lemon Burst 16
Yoplait - Thick and Creamy - Vanilla   16

Lowest Rated
Kroger - Light - Pina Coloada 0.25
Dannon - All Natural - Coffee 2.5
Dannon - Light and Fit - Blueberry 3

Averages ..........AVG.....NUM

Active Lifestyle 11.85...... 7

Breyers ..........12.14....... 9
Brown Cow .....11.29...... 11
Cascade Fresh 9.00....... 3

Chovani ........11.00....... 1
Cool Squeeze 6.90......... 6
Dannon ........10.06........ 58
Food Club .....9.00.......... 18

Frusion .........11.50........ 4
Greek Gods ...11.44........ 4
Kroger .........10.12........ 49
La Crème .....10.50........ 2

Liberte ..........13.38........ 4
Redwood Hill Farm 8.90.. 2

Silk .............9.58.......... 4

Stoneyfield ...10.01.......... 42
Wallaby ......11.63.......... 8
Weight Watchers 10.52..... 9
Whole Soy and Co. 8.92.. 6

Yoplait .........10.86........ 83
TOTAL ........10.37....... 330


Highest Rated
Yoplait - Light - Strawberry Shortcake 17
Yoplait - Original - French Vanilla 17

Yoplait - Original - Lemon Burst 17

Yoplait - Thick and Creamy - Vanilla   17

Lowest Rated
Kroger - Light - Pina Coloada 0

Total 265

Jessica 91.60%
Hannah 71.45%
Adam 38.51%
Dennis 68.42%
Siarra 71.39%

Mean 10.29
Mode 11


Highest Rated
Yoplait - Original - French Vanilla 17

Yoplait - Light - Strawberry Orange Sunrise 17

Lowest Rated
Kroger - Light - Pina Coloada 1

Total 330

Kaela 91.60%
Hannah 76.64%
Adam 40.67%
Dennis 58.92%
Siarra 76.73%

Mean 10.31
Mode 8

Highest Rated
Yoplait - Light - Strawberry 15
Yoplait - Light - Harvest Peach 15
Breyers - Yo Crunch - Strawberry with M&M 15
Lowest Rated
Dannon - Light and Fit - Blueberry 3
Total 156
Kaela 71.45%
Jessica 76.64%
Adam 65.61%
Dennis 45.43%
Siarra 98.83%
Mean 10.39
Mode 10

Highest Rated
Yoplait - Original - French Vanilla 17
Yoplait - Original - Lemon Burst 17
Brown Cow - Cream Top - Apricot Mango 17
Lowest Rated
Yoplait - Whips! - Orange Cream 3
Total 222
Kaela 38.51%
Jessica 40.67%
Hannah 65.61%
Dennis 20.37%
Siarra 64.21%
Mean 10.51
Mode 12

Highest Rated
Kroger - Light - Vanilla   17
Lowest Rated
Kroger - Light - Pina Coloada 0
Total 210
Kaela 68.42%
Jessica 58.92%
Hannah 45.43%
Adam 20.37%
Siarra 45.41%
Mean 10.18
Mode 10

Highest Rated
Kroger - Blended - Cherry Vanilla 17
Lowest Rated
Kroger - Light - Pina Coloada 0
Total 212
Kaela 71.39%
Jessica 76.73%
Hannah 98.83%
Adam 64.21%
Dennis 45.41%
Mean 10.39
Mode 10

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

“Huns are my parents!…*growl*…support group”

Hello world,

Well, today was our very last yogurt session. I’d say we had a strong finish, as all 6 of us attended, and we ate our last 18 yogurts while doing one of our most adventurous activities yet – canoeing. That’s right, we ate yogurt in canoes on Griffy Lake. How? Well…that’s a good question.

We arrived and rented two canoes, and split into two groups of three: Adam, Dennis and I (Kaela) in one, and Jessica, Hannah and Siarra in the other. The spoons, crackers, and lunch boxes full of yogurt were loaded into the canoes and we pushed off from the bank and headed to the middle of the lake. Once we were convinced that we had found the perfect spot, we pulled our canoes side by side (with much effort, I might add) and a few of us held the sides of the boats together. And there you have it – we were a floating yogurt-tasting headquarters in the middle of Griffy Lake.

We had a plethora of yogurt brands and flavors to finish up today, and we started with the Yoplait Splitz. These were very sweet, and had flavors like Strawberry Banana Split, and Rainbow Sherbet. The Strawberry Sundae was the strangest of the three, and a few of us thought it tasted oddly of pasta. We finished up the Yo Plus yogurts, which we all agreed had better aftertastes than their “during” tastes. The remaining Yo Kids flavors were bland, and brought in pretty average ratings, while the last two Yoplait Lights (Raspberry Cheesecake and Banana Cream Pie) were slightly deterring. Even Hannah (who seems to be drawn to banana flavored yogurts) rated the Banana Cream Pie at a 10.

The Activia Dessert yogurts were next, and for the most part, tasted like what they were supposed to, and received average ratings near the 10-11 range. We had one Active Lifestyle Yogurt to eat (Strawberry), and it was pleasant, getting an average of almost 12. We also drank our last smoothie today, and thankfully it was a good one. The Kroger Strawberry smoothie had a nice consistency and didn’t taste like soured milk, like some of the other brands we’ve tried.

We rounded out our last session with a few Greek yogurts, which started out badly, but ended up being tolerable. Our first brand was Yoplait Greek, Strawberry. This was possibly the thickest, chalkiest yogurt we’ve eaten (it rivaled the Dan-o-nino yogurts in this respect). The next was Dannon Greek Strawberry, which was an improvement on the Yoplait, but kind of bland. The last (Chobani Greek Strawberry) was the most palatable of the Greek Yogurts, and the only one to bring in a reasonable rating (11).

About halfway through our yogurt eating, we noticed that our canoes had drifted dangerously close to the bank. We quickly paused our passing of the yogurts, stuck our spoons in our mouths and grabbed paddles. Hannah and I held the two boats together and the others frantically tried to direct us back to the center of the lake. This resulted in a lot of water sloshing over the walls of the canoes, drenching the paper with the ratings, and causing a lot of laughter at the thought of how ridiculous we must have looked.

Once finished with the yogurts, we separated the canoes and paddled to the end of the lake, enjoying the weather and scenery. As we turned around in the cove near the dam, it was evident that a switch had been flipped in every one of our minds. What happens when you put 6 competitive teenagers in two canoes at the far end of a lake? They will race back to the dock – every time. And so we did. Jessica, Hannah, and Siarra took the lead early in the race, but Dennis, Adam and I were not far behind. As we reached the final stretch before passing under the bridge to the dock, the aforementioned leader canoe ran into a bit of trouble, as they found themselves stuck on a mud island. My canoeing team had seen this island far earlier in the race, and planned a course that would avoid it, leading us straight to the dock while our friends poked and prodded at the mud beneath their canoe in the middle of the lake. Victory was ours!

We ended the afternoon with a trip to 5 Guys for lunch, where Jessica brought us a celebratory cake for successfully finishing our summer project, just in time for me to start school tomorrow. It should be noted that Jessica attended EVERY yogurt session of the project, and is the only one of us who can truly say they ate every flavor we catalogued. A special congratulation is in order for her.

I’m a little sad to say that we won’t be meeting to rate more yogurts. But we will be having a “Victory Lap” session, where we will revisit our highest rated yogurts of the project. Dennis will also be writing a post that summarizes some of our final statistics, so keep an eye out for that!

Well, we’ve done it. 334 yogurts- eaten and rated. Congratulations EAFYIDPET’ers! This was definitely a summer well spent.

Last Averages EVER!

Here are the averages from our last round of yogurt eating. My blog of our experiences will be posted shortly:

Yoplait Splitz:
Rainbow Sherbet - 11.5
Strawberry Banana Split - 12.33
Strawberry Sundae - 8.833
Dannon Activia Desserts:
Blueberry Cheesecake - 10.167
Peach Cobbler - 10.333
Strawberry Cheesecake - 10.167
Vanilla Bean - 11.167
Yoplait Yo Plus:
Blackberry Pomegranate - 12.83
Strawberry - 9.5
Kroger Smoothies:
Strawberry - 11.67
Yoplait Kids:
Strawberry - 9.67
Strawberry Vanilla - 9.67
Active Lifestyle:
Strawberry - 11.67
Yoplait Light:
Raspberry Cheesecake - 9.5
Banana Cream Pie - 10.5
Yoplait Greek:
Strawberry - 6.83
Dannon Greek:
Strawberry - 6.83
Chobani Greek
Strawberry - 11

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"This acorn was in my pants!"

Today, I rejoined EAFYIDPET after a few weeks of being away. It was nice to get back in the yogurt swing of things. Adam, Kaela, Jessica, and I met at the east side Bloomingfoods for our second-to-last yogurt tasting of the summer. It's amazing how quickly time has gone.

We then traveled to the IU campus for this yogurt tasting, and sat at the raging rapids of the Jordan River (really just a stream). It is a very nice spot, and the river is filled with tiny fish, who greatly enjoyed the palate-cleansing oyster crackers we broke up and threw to them. It was also shaded, which is important considering the insanely hot weather we've been getting in Bloomington recently.

Because we are running so short on yogurt flavors to eat, we had to have several different kinds, though the day was definitely focused on Stoneyfield. We had our first encounter with Yo Baby yogurt since the disastrous time at the B-Line trail. True to this last time, it received pretty low ratings. The liquidy consistency was still a concern, and in addition, the flavor was just not good enough. However, the Yo Kids squeezers were on average better than their cup counterpart. The flavor was good enough to earn the squeezers respectable ratings from 11.5-13.5. The cherry squeezers were definitely the standout for all of the Stoneyfield of this session.

The second-best type of Stoneyfield for this session were the probiotics. The French vanilla as well as the strawberry were reasonably tasty, though there are other kinds of yogurt with these flavors that were better-tasting. However, as far as organic yogurt goes, these flavors were fairly good.

Stoneyfield O'Soy yogurt was similar to other soy yogurts which we've tried in that the flavor disappeared after the first few seconds of eating it. However, the flavor which replaced the (fairly tasty) yogurt flavor was really gross, causing all of us to reach for the oyster crackers. Adam didn't seem to mind as much as the rest of us, though, saying that if you ate the strawberry fast enough, you didn't have the chance to catch the bad flavor.

The Stoneyfield smoothies are variable in flavor. The raspberry had a very bad taste, not anything like raspberries at all. However, the strawberry was good, earning a rating of 13. Since I had been absent for the previous sessions at which smoothies had been consumed, I found the liquid texture disconcerting.

The limited edition yogurt had changed since we started cataloging, so we ate mango honey yogurt instead of vanilla maple. The mango honey didn't deserve to be a limited edition at all. Jessica said the yogurt tasted like fish, but to the rest of us, the flavor was so hard to detect it was almost invisible. What's the point of a limited edition yogurt that doesn't taste like anything?

After all of the Stoneyfield, we moved on to other brands. To round out the Liberte brand, we had their blackberry flavor, which was the taste highlight of this yogurt outing with a rating of 14.5. The texture was thick but not disgustingly so, a big relief from Stoneyfield's too-thin consistency. Then we moved on to Greek Gods yogurt, bought due to Jessica's amusement at the concept of "Fig on the bottom" and follower suggestions to try more Greek yogurt. Almost all of these yogurts earned above a 10, but each of them was in some way idiosyncratic. The honey yogurt tasted so strongly of honey it was startling and even slightly unsettling. Fig on the bottom tasted just like figs but was mostly funny because of its name and concept. Pomegranate was the least singular of these yogurts, not having much of a taste. Vanilla cinnamon orange was strange for obvious reasons. It tasted of each component of the yogurt for a short time, making all of us experience a kind of "flavor whiplash". It was very strange and would have been better if the flavors had been more blended.

And with that, we wrapped up our penultimate yogurt foray. Make sure to check out our Picasa album for pictures of this adventure. We will be meeting on Tuesday for our final yogurt-eating experience (except for our as-yet unscheduled victory lap, of which coming later), so don't miss it!!!

Sunday's Averages!

Here are the averages from today's session! Hannah will be blogging about the experience soon.

Stoneyfield Probiotic:
French Vanilla - 12.75
Strawberry - 12.5
Stoneyfield O'Soy:
Peach - 8.5
Strawberry - 8.5
Stoneyfield Yo Baby:
Banana - 6.75
Vanilla - 8
Stoneyfield Yo Kids Squeezers:
Berry - 12.5
Cherry - 13.5
Strawberry - 11.5
Stoneyfield Smoothies:
Peach - 10
Raspberry - 7.25
Strawberry - 13
Strawberry Banana - 10.5
Stoneyfield Limited Edition:
Mango Honey - 10.75
Wild Blackberry - 14.5
Greek Gods:
Honey - 12.75
Fig on the Bottom - 12.5
Pomegranate - 11.75
Vanilla Cinnamon Orange - 8.75

Just a reminder: We upload pictures from each session, so don't forget to check out the photo gallery. Also, we want to thank our newest followers for joining the EAFYIDPET community! We love knowing that people are reading our posts, so keep leaving comments!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mediocrity at its Middling

Yesterday four yogurt eaters (Adam, Kaela, Siarra and myself) met for our second yogurt-eating session of the week which also happened to be the antepenultimate yogurt session of the entire project. Adam and I went to the East-side Marsh while Kaela and Siarra met at the West-side Marsh. Because we are so close to the end, with increasingly fewer and fewer choices of yogurt that we haven't eaten, it has become necessary to go to two different stores to ensure that we can acquire enough yogurt for the session to meet our quota.

And so, we managed to buy enough yogurt (25!) with only minor confusion and a couple of phone calls. Then we headed out and went to our location for the afternoon - my Grandma's porch. We arrived and went about our usual business: cataloging, photo-taking, spoon-readying etc.

Our yogurt spoils for the day was a fairly eclectic group; we had smoothies, Gogurt, fruit on the bottom, and some really thick-textured yogurts. We started off with Raspberry Fruit on the Bottom, which was good enough. Siarra appreciated that it did not have very many seeds. Next came another Dannon - Cherry Light and Fit. We didn't know then that these would be some of the highest averages of the day, earning an 11.75 and 12, respectively.

Then came the smoothies, or rather, the liquefied yogurts. The DanActive yogurt was not a hit among the crowd, except for me. I enjoyed its vanilla and milky taste to a degree, but the others thought it tasted too much of spoiled milk. I certainly would have finished mine, but would not have bought again. I think my immune system is strong enough without buying a 3 fl oz bottle of probiotic drink to fortify it....

The Frusion smoothies were a welcome change from Lake Monroe's assortment of smoothies. The texture this time was much more satisfying and the flavor was better. The highest average of the day went to Frusion Banana Berry with a 13.5.

I had high hopes for the La Creme yogurts but both fell flat. Neither met our expectations, but both were palatable. They just left an odd aftertaste that did not merit a higher score. What followed next was a blur of rainbow-colored, kids-oriented yogurts. Unfortunately for us, the Gogurts that we needed to buy were SpongeBob SquarePants and Scooby-Doo themed. We "feasted" on yogurts with names like Rawberry and the poorly-named Bikini Bottom Berry. All the flavors were not satisfying and tasted more like their color than their flavor. However, the worst of the day was the Watermelon Burst from Yoplait Trix.

There were several more normal yogurts that we ate, but they were nothing to write home about, or I suppose, to blog about. Just average. That pretty much sums up the entire experience. Average. Please stay tuned for our last two sessions plus a wrap-up victory round as well as our final data.

Check out our Facebook Group, Twitter page and Picasa gallery for the latest updates. Send us an email or just drop us a comment with your thoughts!

Miscellaneous Averages

Here are today's averages. Jessica will be blogging about the experience shortly, so check back soon!

Dannon Fruit on the Bottom:
Raspberry Marsh - 11.75
Dannon Light and Fit:
Cherry - 12
Vanilla - 6
Banana Berry - 13.5
Peach Passion Fruit - 10.75
Strawberry - 11.5
Wild Berry - 10.25
La Creme:
Strawberry - 10.75
Vanilla - 10.25
Yoplait Kids:
Peach - 8
Strawberry Banana - 8
Yoplait Light:
Apricot Mango - 10.25
Lemon Cream Pie - 10.25
Yoplait Light Thick&Creamy:
French Vanilla - 8.25
Key Lime Pie - 12
Yoplait Trix:
Strawberry Punch - 10
Watermelon Burst - 7
Yo Plus:
Blueberry Acai - 7
Yoplait FiberOne:
Peach - 8.25
Berry Blue Blast - 7.25
Bikini Bottom Berry - 9.75
Rawberry - 9.75
Shaggy's Cool Punch - 8.25
Strawberry Riptide - 9.5
Strawberry Splash - 8.75

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Like a Bird Dancing on a Subwoofer

Hello, yogurt eaters everywhere. Yesterday, we had a wonderful yogurt experience in the Indiana University Student Union. Aaaaand, when I say "wonderful" I mean it. This (one more time, now) wonderful experience was brought to us by Bloomingfoods, and included such succulent brands as Brown Cow, Stoneyfield, and Wallaby. The five of us, Adam, Dennis, Kaela, Jessica, and myself (Siarra), were pleased to be back to realy yogurt and away from yogurt smoothies.

Favorites of the day were Stoneyfield Creamtop Chocolate Underground (win for Stoneyfield - full of deliciousness), Brown Cow Cream Top Apricot Mango, and Wallaby Orange Passion Fruit (you don't find too many orange flavored yogurts). However, the day was really good in general, with only five yogurts, Redwood Hill Farm Blueberry and Strawberry, Silk Key Lime Pie, and Wallaby Black Cherry and Maple, rating below a ten. Even so, Adam and Dennis enjoyed the Redwood Hill Farm flavors, which are made from goat's milk, and Dennis also enjoyed the Silk Key Lime Pie (probably because it was more lime and less pie than other key lime pie flavors). Another good word for Silk - It continues to be the only soy yogurt brand so far whose flavor does not disappear. Even furthermore, I really like maple flavors, though they are sweet, and I think we all agreed that the Wallaby Maple would also be good on something.

So, the moral of the story is that yesterday was a great day for EAFYIDPET.

After, we all went out to lunch (crazy idea, all stuffed full of yogurt). We wanted somewhere close (it was HOT) so we went to Chipotle and were serenaded by the smooth stylings of what must have been zombies raving to birds on subwoofers. And a good time was had by all.

I promise to get pictures up on facebook tomorrow, so keep your eyes out!

Organic averages

These averages weren't even sprayed with pesticides:

Stoneyfield Fat Free:
Black Cherry - 11.4
Blueberry - 10
Peach - 12.8
Pomegranate Berry - 13
Stoneyfield Low Fat
French Vanilla - 13
Stoneyfield Cream Top:
Chocolate Underground - 14.6
White Chocolate Raspberry - 12.2
Redwood Hill Farm:
Blueberry - 8.4
Strawberry - 9.4
Key Lime - 9.8
Brown Cow Cream Top:
Apricot Mango - 15.2
Creamy Coffee - 10.8
Raspberry - 12.2
Brown Cow Low Fat:
Vanilla Bean - 13
Banana Vanilla - 11.4
Black Cherry - 9.6
Blueberry - 11
Maple - 9.8
Orange Passion Fruit - 14.4
Raspberry - 12
Strawberry - 13
Vanilla - 11.8

Siarra should have a blog post soon about the session.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Yogurt != Smoothies

Yesterday we journeyed to the beautiful waters of Lake Monroe to eat our yogurt by Fairfax beach. Hold on, quick modification. Drink our yogurt by Fairfax beach. We decided to dive into the world of smoothies, and we were not pleased. Here are the results:

Active Lifestyle - Smoothies
Acai Blueberry Cherry - 9.75
Peach Cranberry Pomegranate - 12.5
Strawberry Pomegranate Cherry - 12
Dannon - Activia
Raspberry - 10
Dannon - Dan Active
Blueberry - 7.5
Strawberry - 9.5
Dannon - Danimals Smoothie
Strawberry Explosion - 9.5
Strikin' Strawberry Kiwi - 9
Swingin' Strawberry Banana - 9.75
Dannon - Dan-o-nino
Banana - 6 (chalky and hard to swallow)
Raspberry - 4.50 (chalky and hard to swallow)
Strawberry - 9.75 (chalky and hard to swallow)
Dannon - Light and Fit
Strawberry - 13
Kroger - Light
Lemon - 9.75
Peach - 10.75
Vanilla Cranberry - 11.25
Kroger - Smoothies
Peach - 8
Raspberry - 10
Weight Watchers - Original
Strawberry - 7.5
Yoplait - Delights
Cream Caramel - 9.75
Yoplait - Delights
Lemon Torte - 12.25
Triple Berry Cream - 10.5
Yoplait - Fiber One
Key Lime Pie - 13.5
Strawberry - 11.5

As you can see, the yogurts with "Smoothie" in the title or brand name did not do very well (neither, might I note, did those named after dinosaurs). Most of the smoothies were not very thick and tasted either like nothing or like nothing we wanted to be drinking. When we finally reached the creamy and jellulous (it got one Google hit. I can use it) grounds of real yogurt once again, we were so enthralled we cheered and sang. Well maybe not "we." But I did. The conclusion was thus: smoothies are smoothies and yogurt is yogurt. While yogurt may go into smoothies, it should not be the only ingredient. I don't know if I would even say that it should be the main ingredient. But we are not smoothie experts; we are yogurt experts.

The actual yogurt of the day turned out to be average. We finished off the Weight Watchers brand with Strawberry, which turns out to be their worst flavor, in our opinion. Their best was the Black Cherry, which is a personal favorite of mine. The best yogurt of the day was Yoplait FiberOne's Key Lime Pie, which I happily took home. In fact, the Key Lime Pie was so good (in my opinion - Jessica gave it an 11) that I made an actual key lime pie after dinner. And there was much rejoicing.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Averages for August 6, 2010

Dannon Light and Fit:
Blackberry - 11.75
Cherry Vanilla - 11.5
Key Lime - 11.75
Pineapple Coconut – 9
Raspberry - 12.25
Bryers Inspirations:
Chocolate Chip - 9
Mint Chocolate Chip - 9
Natural Strawberry - 15.75
Yoplait Original:
Blackberry Pomegranate - 11.25
Key Lime Pie - 11.75
Mixed Berry - 10.5
Red Raspberry - 10.5
Strawberry Cheesecake - 6.75
Yoplait Thick and Creamy:
Strawberry – 10
Food Club Light:
Blackberry – 9
Blueberry - 7.25
Cherry - 8.75
Cherry Vanilla - 8.5
Raspberry - 9.25
Strawberry - 10.75
Vanilla - 9.5

“At the corner of Glenwood and the 3400 East Block of Polly Grimshaw Trail”

(Written by Kaela, Posted by Adam)

Four of the regular Yogurt Eaters assembled today at Park Ridge Park were we (Jessica, Dennis, Adam, and myself, Kaela) sampled 21 different flavors, spanning 5 brands/types of yogurt. Overall, it was a fairly boring session. We didn’t purchase any outstanding flavors, and our ratings reflected the mediocrity of our choices. The Dannon Light and Fit flavors were mostly normal, and brought in averages around the 11-12 range. The Pineapple Coconut was clearly our least favorite Light and Fit of this round, but with an average of 9, it wasn’t too bad.

The Yoplaits were also pleasant, but none of them were particularly dazzling. The Strawberry Cheesecake was slightly distressing, as I am not a fan of “desert” yogurts. The others agreed, and that flavor received the lowest average of the set. I would also like to point out that Yoplait isn’t kidding when they say THICK and Creamy. It was so viscous that when I put it in my mouth I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. It took a fair bit of swishing - and dare I say - chewing, for me to feel comfortable swallowing it, which is an experience I’ve never had while eating yogurt.

Next up were the Food Club yogurts, which were…odd. I don’t think many of us found their taste to be repulsive, but the flavors didn’t quite mimic the fruits they claimed to be impersonating. Most of them had a distinctly sweet taste, but if I were blindfolded and asked what flavor of yogurt I was eating, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have come up with a plausible answer for any of the Food Club flavors. All in all, they were bland and unappealing.

We saved the Breyers Inspirations for last, hoping they would swoop in and save the day, mesmerizing us with brilliant yogurt flavor. The first two we tried were a disappointment (Chocolate Chip and Mint Chocolate Chip). Both had a surprisingly sour taste, accompanied by obviously artificially created chocolate bits. However, once away from the chocolate, the Strawberry was a stand out. It was the perfect consistency, and full of delicious flavor. All agreed that it was our best yogurt of the day.

Newsflash! EAFYIDPET will be meeting this weekend! In an effort to finish all of the flavors of yogurt in a timely manner, we are going to start meeting more than twice a week. So look for another post this Sunday!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"It wasn't shenanigans, it was dire panic!"

Tuesday's EAFYIDPET session took place at my house--more specifically, in my hall closet. Attendees were Jessica, Dennis, Siarra, Kaela, and me (Adam). We tried a variety of yogurt brands, including Activia, Danimals Coolision, Trix, Kroger Blended, and Kroger Fruit on the Bottom. It was overall a very positive yogurt experience, enhanced by the fact that we were crammed into my closet in the dark. The flashlight fell on Dennis once and burned his arm, but otherwise there were no darkness-related mishaps (other than Dennis getting yogurt all over the journal where we were recording the ratings).

Activia yogurts were okay, but the "cereal" part of vanilla and cereal is rather strange. It reminded me more of the definition of cereal that is along the lines of "grass whose starchy grains are used as food" than actual breakfast cereal. The wheat on the package added to this concept. It was weird. Probably would not buy again (but Siarra would).

Danimals Coolisions are totally awesome. It's two separate tubes of yogurt which you are meant to consume at the same time. The yogurts are delicious individually and together. It's great. Part of me doesn't want to like them, since they're clearly marketed to elementary-schoolers, but it's impossible to resist the gimmick and the deliciousness. Would buy again. And again.

I find Trix yogurts to be generally pretty unpleasant. Kaela remarked that the Strawberry Kiwi flavor tasted like Amoxicillin and I found the Cotton Candy flavor to be very unpleasant, though it may just be because I don't like cotton candy. The cloying sweetness of all of the Trix flavors is hard to escape. They're just not that good. I think we should let the Rabbit have them after all.

The Kroger brand yogurts were boring, generally. The texture of the cherry pieces in the Cherry yogurt was very off-putting. It was very much like the mouthfeel of a maraschino cherry. Not so great. The Peach Fruit on the Bottom received such a low rating because it was very runny and really just tasted like water. It was not good. An unpleasant end to our yogurt session, unfortunately.

EAFYIDPET is now meeting three times a week! We will now have yogurt ratings Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays! We are trying to finish our yogurt-eating campaign before Kaela goes back to school, which means that a lot of yogurt must be eaten in a short amount of time. So look out for us an extra time every week! We'll be back on Friday!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Assorted Dannon and Kroger brand ratings

We are starting to get to the point where we can no longer go with just one brand, which is very exciting. Adam was appointed the position of Blogger for today's yogurting session, but here are the averages.

Dannon Activia:
Strawberry - 11.8
Dannon Activia Fiber:
Vanilla and Cereal - 8.8
Danimal's Coolision:
Berry Punch/Cherry - 15.6 (Finished entire tube)
Strawberry/Very Berry - 13.4 (Finished entire tube)
Yoplait Trix:
Cotton Candy - 9.4
Strawberry Kiwi - 10.25
Triple Cherry -11.6
Wild Berry Blue - 9.2
Kroger Blended:
Black Cherry - 12
Blueberry - 9.2
Cherry - 8.4
Cherry Vanilla - 12.4 (Tastes like chocolate)
Peach - 13
Raspberry - 12.6
Strawberry - 12.2 (Tastes like jam)
Kroger Fruit on the Bottom:
Blueberry - 10.6
Peach - 6.6
Raspberry -10.8

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gravity-defying yogurt

Yesterday we made the long trek out to the beautiful Brown County State Park.
As you can see, it was probably the most gorgeous yogurt eating thus far, perhaps not even in our journey but in the world over. At least on the scale that we eat yogurt.

The one downfall of eating yogurt there is that near wonders, one must often make compromises about one's wooden tables. The table we sat at, while being in the shade, was at about a nine degree slope, assuming Siarra is good at balancing her camera.

Both Yeesoo and I felt a little carsick after sitting so precariously, but we were determined to not let such odd gravitational feelings detract from our yogurt ratings. As it turned out, the yogurt we picked was perfect for this askew situation, as it was possibly the thickest yet, with the exception of Yoplait Delights.
I must say, Yoplait knows thick. Their Thick and Creamy varieties, both Light and not Light, were almost pudding-like. While Jessica enjoyed that consistency, I tried to imagine mixing such yogurt with granola, which is how I like my yogurt, and came up very puzzled. Would my wrists get sore after mixing such thick yogurt? Would the granola be able to soak any of the yogurt up, as I like it to? Would the consistency of the yogurt force me to occasionally resort to YoBaby and YoKids to balance consistencies? Lastly, can Thick and Creamy really be Light? Such questions perturbed me throughout the experience.

In terms of flavor, though, the day was lovely. Yeesoo did not enjoy Cinnamon Roll at all, but Siarra and I, who are dessert yogurt fans, found it lovely and 12ish. Yoplait Thick and Creamy merited a 17, the highest yogurt has ever gotten, from Jessica, though the rest of us found it only in 16 or 15 range. Jessica is known for her love of Vanilla, though, and she didn't have my consistency issues.

It was a beautiful day of yogurting, followed by excellent board games. I highly recommend Jumanji to anyone who likes to get really really stressed out and then have a wonderful cathartic release of fear once a teammate calls "Jumanji!!!" Truly, the game is not about surviving, but is instead about winning. Here, as always, are the averages:

Dannon Activia 
Blueberry - 12
Cherry - 11.33
Mixed Berry - 10.33
Strawberry and Cereal - 10.67
Dannon Light and Fit
Peach - 10.67
Strawberry - 11
Vanilla - 12.67
Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy
Blueberry Pie - 10.33
Cherry Chobbler - 9.33
Cinnamon Roll - 10.33
Lemon Meringue - 8.67
Strawberry - 13
Yoplait Original 
Coffee - 10.33
Harvest Peach - 10.67
Yoplait Thick and Creamy
Vanilla - 16

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We are two.

Hello World.

Today Siarra and I partook in 6 different varieties of yogurts that we bought from Bloomingfoods: Cascade Fresh, Silk, Whole Soy and Co., Liberte, and Brown Cow Low Fat and Cream Tops.

After buying our yogurt, we went to the Mall Food Court where there were plenty of open tables for us to use. After stacking and taking the usual pictures, we got right down to business. First came the Whole Soy and Co. yogurts which boasted the same disappearing flavor as the other yogurts from the same brand. The texture was acceptable, but the fruit flavor disappeared very quickly and we were left with just the soy. Peach was the best of the three - just managing to nab a score of ten. (Any score above ten means that we would finish the yogurt if we were eating it normally. Anything higher than about 12 means that we would not only finish but purchase again.)

Next came the Silk yogurts. Strawberry was the standout in the category, while Blueberry was the worst. It was noted that the Silk yogurt (also soy) had a longer lasting flavor than the Whole Soy, but that was not necessarily a good thing. Siarra pointed out that the aftertaste was almost that of bathroom cleaner. Not exactly delicious.

Brown Cow Lemon Twist got high markings just for being what it said it was. It tasted like yogurt ought to and was pleasantly lemon-y. The chocolate, on the other hand, was really, really bad. It was bitter and tasted more like black coffee than anything else. We even checked the container to make sure that it wasn't coffee by mistake.

The Cascade Fresh yogurts followed, where Boysenberry was the clear winner. I had never heard of boysenberries before, but the container had a picture of a fruit that was akin to a blackberry. On the whole, it was very refreshing and a thoroughly delightful yogurt.

And now, for the real winning brand of the session: Liberte. This yogurt is more of a greek-style yogurt. It was really thick and rich. It boasted unique flavors which were well developed and consistent. All three of the yogurts that we had were really good. The Strawberry was the best of the three, but the Plum Walnut had a really good, nutty flavor. Siarra and I discussed how eating the yogurt made us happy. That is something that I hadn't come across yet. I truly enjoyed eating these.

After we cleaned up our mess, we played a Harry Potter board game which we had brought. There are lots of fun pictures - take a look when Siarra posts them.

On a whole, today reinforced the idea that soy yogurts just aren't that good and that Greek yogurts triumph. Stay tuned for the latest pictures and for Friday's yogurt sessions. See the below post for complete ratings.

A Bunch of Bloomingfoods Yogurts

Brand new yogurt ratings from this afternoon! Enjoy. Or rather, don't. We didn't.

Cascade Fresh (Fat Free)
Blueberry - 6
Boysenberry - 12
Cherry Vanilla - 9

Silk (Live)
Raspberry - 10.5
Blueberry - 6
Strawberry - 12

Whole Soy and Co. (Original)
Peach - 10
Strawberry - 7.5
Vanilla - 8

Liberté (Méditerranée)
Strawberry - 14
Plum and Walnut - 13.5
Peach-Passion Fruit - 12

Brown Cow (Cream Top)
Chocolate - 7

Brown Cow (Low Fat)
Lemon Twist - 12.5

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yogurt by Firelight (with a little help from a flashlight, too)

Siarra again, with the update:

Saturday night, the yogurt eaters assembled in my backyard for a special edition late night EAFYIDPET by firelight. As if this summer hasn't been hot enough, we had to create our own heat source. Luckily, the sun was down, so it was actually pretty nice. However, the sun being down created problems of its own when we had trouble seeing the yogurt. Jessica in particular was quite disturbed, and we passed around a flashlight to make sure we could see what we were eating.

We started with a round of Kroger Fruit on the Bottom, where the flashlight immediately proved its use, since otherwise I'm sure we would have failed miserably at getting all of the chunks and fruit goo stirred in properly. Peach was particularly strange, however, as there wasn't any fruit goo . . . simply chunks. Furthermore, the flavor was very subtle, and also had a hint of pineapple.

After Fruit on the Bottom, there was Kroger Blended. As a group, Blended has a nice texture, though as Jessica said, "They aren't blended very well" as some of them still have fruit chunks. Cherry was quite disappointing in this type, and we gave it a unanimous 7. However, Cherry Vanilla is my new personal favorite. It has a very interesting flavor that Kaela identified as chocolate. I'd highly recommend, though Kaela and Jessica disagree.

Blueberry was our only Kroger Lite flavor of the night. I'm pretty sure that this was the odd blueberry flavor (our third of the session) in that it "whispered". The flavor simply wasn't very strong.

As a matter of fact, all of the aforementioned yogurts (aside from the wonderful cherry vanilla) were pretty bland. They weren't particularly bad, and are definitely acceptable for passive yogurt eating as a quick breakfast or with lunch, but nothing remarkable.

Then we come to Dan-o-Nino. Don't get excited. These tiny yogurts targeted at children don't fit into the bland category because they were delicious. No. The three flavors we had today, strawberry banana, vanilla, and peach, were probably the thickest and heaviest yogurts I've ever eaten, as well as being extremely chalky and otherwise unpleasant. Plus, the flavor was not at all a redeeming quality. The only upside was the fact that the package came with a cute magnet. However, we do not look forward to the six or so more flavors.

That was it for our yogurt rating, but the fun was not over quite yet. We weren't going to let the fire go to waste so we made s'mores. And even though Jessica dropped her marshmallow on the ground and a new one had to be toasted, a good time was had by all.

Keep your eyes out for the next blog post!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Kroger and some Dannon Ratings

New yogurt ratings from our late night yogurt! Stay tuned for a new blog.

Kroger Blended
Black Cherry - 11.3333
Blueberry - 11
Cherry - 7
Cherry Vanilla - 12
Peach - 12.3333
Raspberry - 13
Strawberry - 10

Kroger Fruit on the Bottom
Black Cherry - 11.6666
Blueberry - 11
Peach - 10.3333
Strawberry - 9

Kroger Lite
Blueberry - 11

Peach - 6
Strawberry Banana - 6.3333
Vanilla - 5.3333

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

“Do not eat crackers from the hand that scratches the foot.”

Hello all,

Today’s yogurt adventure was quite successful, beginning with the purchase of 16 Kroger Light, and 2 Kroger Blended yogurts, and a pleasant drive over to Highland Village Park. I maybe shouldn’t say that it was a pleasant drive, because Dennis and Jessica were busy playing their kazoos the entire time.

Upon arrival we wandered around the park looking for an unoccupied table, and finally settled for one near the playground. We promptly unpacked, stacked, and photographed our cups, and began eating. It should be noted that our rating system (1-20) produces “all inclusive” numbers. This means that our ratings take into account not just flavor, but also texture, consistency, etc.

That being said, we found most of the yogurts to be quite delicious. Of the Lights, the French Apple, Vanilla, Peach Pomegranate, and Strawberry all received impressive ratings. Some of the yogurts had bits of fruit in them – as many brands do. But Kroger’s bits of fruit were…crispier? Crunchier? I’m not quite sure how to describe them, but they tasted more like real fruit than some of the other brands we have had.

But our good luck couldn’t last forever. What would an EAFYIDPET session be without a few horrendous flavors? The Piña Colada had some of us gagging, while others stuffed crackers in their mouths and ran for the water fountain to wash their spoons. Yes, it was bad enough that we couldn’t even lick the rest of it off our utensils. It is not only the yogurt with the lowest average thus far, but it is also our first flavor to receive 0’s as ratings. In short, we don’t recommend that one, ever…under any circumstances. The Coconut Cream was also pretty gross, but palatable, unlike its aforementioned coconut counterpart, and it acquired an average rating of 3. In addition, we had two flavors that received special notes in our logs. Dennis remarked that the Orange yogurt tasted very much like the orange flavored fluoride you get at the dentist; and many of us were shocked to find that the Blackberry Pomegranate has a slightly fishy taste.

The two Blended yogurts we tried were pretty good, but nothing special. I quite liked the texture; they were thick, and very smooth. Jessica commented that they tasted exactly like Kroger’s frozen yogurts of the same flavors.

Overall, I think we had a good day. Kroger was full of surprises (mostly good, but some shockingly bad), and I would consider buying many of the flavors again. The texture was pleasant, and much more normal than some of the organic yogurts we’ve had the last few weeks. We still have quite a few Kroger yogurts to get through, so expect another post about them in the future! Hopefully round two will be just as successful as the first.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back for more updates! Our schedule might get a little strange for the next two weeks, as many of us are involved with camps and other summer activities, but we’ll continue to make posts. Just keep watching for them!


Kroger Light round 1 averages

I say "round 1" hoping that there is a round 2. I enjoyed Kroger Light, though we did come upon our worst yogurt yet! Kaela is the blogger for the day, but here are the averages:

Kroger Blended:
Strawberry Banana - 11.75
Strawberry Vanilla - 10.75
Kroger Light:
Apricot Mango - 9.5
Blackberry Pomegranate - 5.5        
Cherry Acai - 12
Cherry Cheesecake -10.5
Cherry Vanilla - 10
Coconut Cream - 3.5
French Apple - 14.75
Key Lime Pie - 9.75      
Mixed Berry - 10
Orange - 9       
Peach Pomegranate - 14.5
Pina Coloada - 0.25
Raspberry - 12.5
Strawberry - 13.75
Strawberry Banana - 12
Vanilla - 15.75



Want to see pictures of your favorite yogurt eaters doing what they do best? Check out our albums on Facebook!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

More organic yogurts...

There was not meant to be any enthusiasm in the title. I am all for organic and did rate the soy yogurts higher because they were soy, but there needs to be some taste work done.... In other news, this was the first time we had all of us together!!!

Hannah is the blogger for the session, but, as always, here are the averages, as provided by our President of Information Services, Kaela (that was a lot of appositives...):

Whole Soy and Co.:
Blueberry - 10.5
Cherry -  9
Lemon - 8.5
Brown Cow Cream Top:
Blueberry - 9.16666666666667
Cherry Vanilla - 12
Maple - 9
Strawberry - 10.8333333333333 (tastes like toast)
Vanilla - 12.5
Stoneyfield Cream Top:
French Vanilla - 9.33333333333333
Strawberries 'n Cream - 10.5

The Amazing Disappearing Flavor

Hi, everyone! We had our yogurt-eating session a day early this week due to schedule conflicts tomorrow. Today we met at the smallest Bloomingfoods in town and actually ended up buying all of the flavors there that we hadn't already tried at our previous Bloomingfoods foray. Even though this sounds like an impressive achievement, it only added up to ten flavors, compared to our usual 14.

After we finished buying our yogurt for the day, we walked to the courthouse and sat at a memorial. We debated whether or not this was disrespectful, but when we saw that the inscription on the memorial urged us to "drink and be merry," or something similar, we figured that eating yogurt and being merry would be okay with the woman for whom the monument was built.

We began our experience with soy yogurt today with some of Whole Soy and Co's flavors. This yogurt was very interesting, because although the flavor started out being very good, the taste soon disappeared and was inevitably replaced by a bland soy taste. With each flavor, we began the cup of yogurt impressed but were increasingly confused by the fact that the taste simply... left.

While eating the soy yogurt, we realized that the sky was looking quite ominous. Afraid of what the rain might do to our yogurt, we gathered up all of our cups and searched for shelter. While walking into the Fountain Square Mall, we ran into our schoolmate Jamaica with a friend. We were very excited, because Dennis had just finished printing our business cards, so we gave them our first two!! We even took a picture.

In Fountain Square Mall, we finally settled in a circle on the floor in front of the waterfall. Apart from a few strange looks and a call from the security guard to not leave a mess, we didn't get approached again, so there was no call for more business-card awesomeness. We then settled down to the matter of cream tops.

It sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Cream in yogurt? Delicious. People sometimes eat cream with fruit, so how bad could cream with yogurt be?

Pretty bad.

Although we found both Stoneyfield and Brown Cow Cream Top yogurt to have generally good flavor in terms of the fruit, the addition of cream simply made the yogurt taste weird. Sometimes the addition of extra cream was more palatable than other times, but inevitably the taste of butter would linger long after the taste of fruit. Mostly, it would be buttery-tasting, but there were also odd instances of certain yogurts tasting like their fruit along with other food items. The Brown Cow strawberry definitely tasted like strawberry jam and butter on toast, and Siarra insisted that the Brown Cow maple tasted like waffles with syrup. Both toast and waffles are great, but the taste of these foods in yogurt put us off (except for Siarra, who seemed to enjoy it), similarly to the pineapple upside-down cake and apple turnover yogurts from Tuesday.

Thus, with soy and cream top yogurt, we ended our yogurting for today. For the next few weeks, we will all be on strange schedules and will therefore need to find unusual times to meet. Until then, look for our ratings and pictures from today, coming soon!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We have our first testimonial, which came from Caroline of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Caroline says, "i don't know why i found this, but your yogurt blog is amazing. it's about time somebody suffered through all the flavors of yogurt so that I don't have to! I hate buying yogurt that turns out to be disgusting, so I really appreciate what you're doing! hahaha." Thank you, Caroline! We're glad to be of service.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On Yo Parking Garage, Eatin' Yo Yogurtz

Today was an EAFYIDPET win. After I managed to find Hannah, Jessica, and Dennis on the roof of the parking garage (turned out I didn't realize there was even more roof), we were ready to embark on some pretty epic yogurt-eating.

The Danimals crush cups are epic, but not necessarily in a good way. The yogurt tasted fine, but the intended method of eating was rather impractical. Crushing the yogurt cup leads to a lot of slurping, licking, and yogurt all over your face. It's also impossible to get all of the yogurt out of the cup, because, as Dennis said, "there comes a point where you just can't crush anymore." What a waste of perfectly good yogurt. I see this as a fun gimmick for 5th-grade boys who wouldn't otherwise eat yogurt. It doesn't make very much sense for adults, but I suppose it's not supposed to. It is Danimals, after all.

Yoplait Light Apple Turnover and Pineapple Upside Down Cake were shocking. They taste exactly like what they're supposed to taste like. Not necessarily in a good way. Dennis remarked that you could taste the butter in the Pineapple Upside Down Cake yogurt, which was distressing. While it tasted somewhat like pineapple, it mostly tasted like cake. It was weird city.

Yo Crunch was underwhelming. Not nearly as good as I had remembered, though it had been years since I last had them. The granola in the Strawberry and Granola flavor was not highly delicious--it tasted processed. It got soggy very quickly, yielding a texture more like Yo Chew. If I were to eat it again, I would leave the granola on top and eat without mixing. Most of the Yo Crunch flavors were fine, but nothing special. The yogurt flavors were bland and the add-ins were what brought the deliciousness. The strawberry with m&ms was definitely the best of the varieties. The yogurt actually had chunks of strawberry and the m&ms gave a pleasant flavor also. The colors from the candy ran, giving a bizarre rainbow of yogurt that wasn't entirely appealing, but it was delicious nonetheless. Pictures to come.

Our last yogurt was the Yoplait Delights, which claimed to be a parfait. It only really resembled a parfait in that it had layers. It was basically two layers of pudding. It was far too thick to be truly called yogurt, in my opinion. It was quite rich, and I couldn't really decide if I liked it or not. I would not buy again, but Jessica likes them a lot, so readers may need to try it and decide for themselves.

So, the aforementioned Yogurt Surprise was in fact EAFYIDPET posters and business cards! Now, instead of explaining EAFYIDPET to passers-by, we will be able to hand out business cards containing all of the information they desire. The posters are full of whimsical intrigue. We intend to post them around town to attract attention to EAFYIDPET. This should be a successful venture. We'll see.

Be sure to check back soon for EAFYIDPET pictures and more yogurt updates!

"There comes a point where you just can't crush anymore!"

We had a wonderful yogurt session today on top of the Atwater Parking Garage. My yogurt surprise was awesome posters and business cards that are soon to be plastered around Bloomington. Adam is the blogger for the session, so I'm sure he'll post once he's done with his lab. Until then, here is the data!

Dannon Danimals Crush Cup
Cherry-licious - 11.5
Blueberry Blast - 11.75
Strawberry Smash - 11.25
Dannon Fruit on the Bottom
Peach (revisited) - 10.7
Strawberry Banana - 13.5
Yoplait Light
Apple Turnover - 9.25
Pineapple Upside Down Cake - 8
Yoplait Delights
Chocolate Raspberry - 15
Breyers Yo Crunch
Vanilla with Butterfinger - 12
Strawberry with Granola - 10.5
Vanilla with M & M's - 12
Cookies & Cream with Oreo - 11
Strawberry with Crunch - 14.5
Strawberry with M & M's - 15.5

Monday, July 12, 2010

Yogurt Surprise

There is apparently a Yogurt Surprise awaiting me. I am only posting about it to leave you all in the same suspense that I am in.

Tomorrow night needs to hurry up.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keep on Moving Past Stoneyfield

Hello World,

Yesterday we sampled yogurt from Bloomingfoods and ate under an awning on the B-line Trail. The largest group of Yogurt Eaters yet (8!) tried Stoneyfield Yo Baby, Yo Kids, Light and Fat Free. None of these were as big of a hit as Wednesday's Yoplait Lights. The highest average score of the day was almost a full three points lower than the highest average score from Wednesday.

Yo Baby and Yo Kids are aptly named and not meant for adults who like a normal texture and consistency in their yogurt. Both were extremely runny and we had our share of mishaps with dripping. Moreover, the flavors were poorly developed and there was nothing extraordinary about any of the flavors except that there did not seem to be any.

With the first two groups finished, we had our fingers crossed that the Lights and Fat Free would blow us away and save our yogurt experience. No such luck. Both types required a lot of stirring and the lumps never fully disappeared. The typical flavors like blueberry and raspberry were average and the more atypical flavors like Chocolate Underground or Strawberry Pomegranate fluctuated around the averages (although I found Chocolate Underground to be especially distasteful).

With that said, we got 19 yogurts out of the way and enjoyed the beautiful evening, even if the yogurt was not overwhelmingly good. People still had their favorites: Adam really liked Key Lime Fat Free and Hannah (once again) favored banana flavored yogurt and liked the Banilla Yo Kids. Overall, there are more delicious yogurts available.

Stay tuned for more EAFYIDPET ratings!

Jessica's opinion of Chocolate Underground

This is only because she hasn't posted yet:

Stoneyfield ratings

Stoneyfield didn't do well as a brand - the consistency was runny and decidedly icky. The favorite of the day was the Stoneyfield fat-free Lemon at 12.6. Jessica is the blogger for the day, so hopefully she'll be updating soon. Until then, here are the averages:

Stoneyfield Fat Free:
Chocolate Underground - 6.4
French Vanilla - 10.8
Key Lime - 8.6
Lemon - 12.6
Strawberry - 7.8
Super Fruits - 10.6
Stoneyfield Low Fat:
Blueberry - 8.8
Cherry Vanilla - 8.6
Peach - 5.8
Raspberry - 12.4
Strawberry - 7.8
Strawberry Pomegranate -11.6
Stoneyfield Yo Baby:
Apple - 8.2
Blueberry - 6 (tastes like shoes)
Peach - 7
Pear - 9.4
Stoneyfield Yo Kids:
Banilla Bloomingfoods - 6.8
Strawberry - 8.4
Strawberry Vanilla - 9.8