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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello New World!

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back to a brand new summer of yogurt ratings! Kaela, Adam and I kicked off the summer with a rating session last Sunday with yogurts from Bloomingfoods. This is yogurt we've never eaten before and that has come on the market since we last rated yogurt. This summer, we will work our way through these new yogurts (or in some cases, newly discovered yogurt) at a sort of haphazard pace. As various members of our group trickle in and out of town, we will be fitting in a rating session when we can get the chance. Hope you all can stick with us as we soldier through new yogurts in different places every time.

This time, we didn't journey too far away from Bloomingfoods because it was raining. We sat outside the storefront at the tables that were sheltered from the rain. We were pleased that so many people approached us about the yogurt and I hope that we can eat yogurt in more public places from now on.

As for the yogurt, we ate 11 new kinds of yogurt from Brown Cow, Wallaby and Kalona Super Natural. The Brown Cow yogurts all rated very highly, with Boysenberry (my favorite) and Lemon Twist (Adam and Kaela's preferred yogurt of the brand) as the frontrunners of deliciousness. Wallaby garnered more, excellent ratings with its new line of Down Under yogurts. These are very similar in concept to fruit on the bottom yogurts, but were only slightly more difficult to eat due to the elongated shape of the container. The Caramel Apple was very true to its name and would hold up respectably to anyone looking for a caramel apple in convenient yogurt form . However, I am told that if you love grapefruit (something that I don't) then Wallaby's Pink Grapefruit is the yogurt to end all yogurts. Adam and Kaela practically devoured this yogurt and I admit that this yogurt certainly was grapefruit-y, if that's your thing. Finally, both Peach and Strawberry Guava were very good but were outshined by the Pink Grapefruit yogurt and the Boysenberry yogurt (Brown Cow).

And, oh, what shall I write about the mysterious, new Kalona Super Natural yogurt? Well, what can I say that would be kind and place this yogurt in a not bad light? I shouldn't mention that this yogurt tasted of soured milk. And I shouldn't mention that it had a grainy texture. Perhaps I could say that this yogurt might have been better when it was fresher -- we bought it in the sale section for 29 cents. Though, I probably shouldn't mention that this yogurt wasn't worth the 29 cents and that its rating was a 4, which falls between Complete Crap and Slightly Better Than Crap on our rating scale.

All in all, we had a very excellent time eating these yogurts and it was a nice way to start the summer. Check out the list below for the full ratings and click on over to our picture gallery to check out the latest images from our sessions. As always, you can find us on twitter and facebook (see the sidebar for links) or you can drop us an email at if you have any questions. Stick with us this summer as we round up those pesky, new yogurts and compare your ratings with ours!


Kalona Super Natural
Vanilla - 6.67

Brown Cow
Low Fat
Strawberry - 11.67
Black Cherry - 10.33
Boysenberry - 13.67
Lemon Twist - 13

Down Under
Caramel Apple - 11
Pink Grapefruit - 13.67
Low Fat
Dulce de Leche - 9.33
Peach - 13.67
Strawberry Guava - 13.67
Mango Lime - 11.33

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  1. Looks like I'm going to have to try some of these - Wallaby seems to have had some winners in my absence.