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Friday, July 8, 2011

Park Ridge East Park

Today Adam, Jessica, Kaela, Siarra, and I ventured to the park in Park Ridge East to test out some more Greek yogurt as well as several new Cascade Fresh flavors. It was a reasonably nice day, and Siarra brought her dog, Trask, to share in our yogurt-fueled festivities. Trask entertained us all by consistently wrapping his leash around poles and other similar objects so that he was unable to move. These weather- and pet-related occurrences meant that this yogurt session was one to be remembered.

Cascade Fresh delivered a few winners this session, including Green Apple Pie, which tasted exactly as it should have and was pretty tasty, to boot. Mostly, however, Cascade Fresh's ratings were fairly mediocre across the board, but this could have been due to the fact that some of them had been sitting outside in the heat for a while before we tried them. Still, I think we could all say there are better options in different brands for many of the flavors that we tested today.

We also tried two stray flavors from brands that we thought we had already exhausted: one from Archer Farms (Cherry Vanilla) and one from Chobani (Vanilla). Cherry Vanilla brought in fair to good ratings from all of us, but we were disappointed by Chobani's Vanilla, which was too bitter for all of us.

Finally, we tried Fage yogurt, which got good ratings for each of us. Both the cherry and the peach were delicious. Most of preferred the cherry, but the peach was also very good. We also thought that, although this yogurt was delicious, it would also be good spread on a bagel!

All in all, a pretty good day for yogurt and clumsy dogs! Hope your day has been just as great, too, and thanks again for reading!


Cascade Fresh

Fat Free

Key Lime- 10.6

Green Apple Pie- 13.2

Vanilla- 8.2

Raspberry- 11.4

Peach- 11.2

Marionberry- 11.6

Strawberry- 11.2

Orange Cream- 9.6

Apricot Mango- 11.6

Low Fat

Cherry- 10.2

Blackcap- 11

Strawberry- 11.2

Raspberry- 9.8

Archer Farms

Cherry Vanilla- 12


Vanilla- 5.8


Cherry- 14

Peach- 13.4

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