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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"It wasn't shenanigans, it was dire panic!"

Tuesday's EAFYIDPET session took place at my house--more specifically, in my hall closet. Attendees were Jessica, Dennis, Siarra, Kaela, and me (Adam). We tried a variety of yogurt brands, including Activia, Danimals Coolision, Trix, Kroger Blended, and Kroger Fruit on the Bottom. It was overall a very positive yogurt experience, enhanced by the fact that we were crammed into my closet in the dark. The flashlight fell on Dennis once and burned his arm, but otherwise there were no darkness-related mishaps (other than Dennis getting yogurt all over the journal where we were recording the ratings).

Activia yogurts were okay, but the "cereal" part of vanilla and cereal is rather strange. It reminded me more of the definition of cereal that is along the lines of "grass whose starchy grains are used as food" than actual breakfast cereal. The wheat on the package added to this concept. It was weird. Probably would not buy again (but Siarra would).

Danimals Coolisions are totally awesome. It's two separate tubes of yogurt which you are meant to consume at the same time. The yogurts are delicious individually and together. It's great. Part of me doesn't want to like them, since they're clearly marketed to elementary-schoolers, but it's impossible to resist the gimmick and the deliciousness. Would buy again. And again.

I find Trix yogurts to be generally pretty unpleasant. Kaela remarked that the Strawberry Kiwi flavor tasted like Amoxicillin and I found the Cotton Candy flavor to be very unpleasant, though it may just be because I don't like cotton candy. The cloying sweetness of all of the Trix flavors is hard to escape. They're just not that good. I think we should let the Rabbit have them after all.

The Kroger brand yogurts were boring, generally. The texture of the cherry pieces in the Cherry yogurt was very off-putting. It was very much like the mouthfeel of a maraschino cherry. Not so great. The Peach Fruit on the Bottom received such a low rating because it was very runny and really just tasted like water. It was not good. An unpleasant end to our yogurt session, unfortunately.

EAFYIDPET is now meeting three times a week! We will now have yogurt ratings Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays! We are trying to finish our yogurt-eating campaign before Kaela goes back to school, which means that a lot of yogurt must be eaten in a short amount of time. So look out for us an extra time every week! We'll be back on Friday!

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