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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Like a Bird Dancing on a Subwoofer

Hello, yogurt eaters everywhere. Yesterday, we had a wonderful yogurt experience in the Indiana University Student Union. Aaaaand, when I say "wonderful" I mean it. This (one more time, now) wonderful experience was brought to us by Bloomingfoods, and included such succulent brands as Brown Cow, Stoneyfield, and Wallaby. The five of us, Adam, Dennis, Kaela, Jessica, and myself (Siarra), were pleased to be back to realy yogurt and away from yogurt smoothies.

Favorites of the day were Stoneyfield Creamtop Chocolate Underground (win for Stoneyfield - full of deliciousness), Brown Cow Cream Top Apricot Mango, and Wallaby Orange Passion Fruit (you don't find too many orange flavored yogurts). However, the day was really good in general, with only five yogurts, Redwood Hill Farm Blueberry and Strawberry, Silk Key Lime Pie, and Wallaby Black Cherry and Maple, rating below a ten. Even so, Adam and Dennis enjoyed the Redwood Hill Farm flavors, which are made from goat's milk, and Dennis also enjoyed the Silk Key Lime Pie (probably because it was more lime and less pie than other key lime pie flavors). Another good word for Silk - It continues to be the only soy yogurt brand so far whose flavor does not disappear. Even furthermore, I really like maple flavors, though they are sweet, and I think we all agreed that the Wallaby Maple would also be good on something.

So, the moral of the story is that yesterday was a great day for EAFYIDPET.

After, we all went out to lunch (crazy idea, all stuffed full of yogurt). We wanted somewhere close (it was HOT) so we went to Chipotle and were serenaded by the smooth stylings of what must have been zombies raving to birds on subwoofers. And a good time was had by all.

I promise to get pictures up on facebook tomorrow, so keep your eyes out!


  1. This is so cool!

    Have you guys thought of rating any Greek yogurt? It's my new favorite thing because of the high protein content.

  2. In fact, we ate Greek Yogurt today. It hadn't been a part of the original plan, but since we couldn't find some of the the flavors we intended to eat today, we decided to try some Greek yogurts instead. They were interesting. We tried four Greek Gods brand yogurts. Their ratings will be posted soon.

  3. I've not liked the Greek yogurts as much but they're soooo healthy for you - especially hypoglycemics like poor me. Try mixing plain Greek yogurt with a smashed up avacado and some salsa for an easy guacamole that's delicious and a billion times better for you than most guacamole recipes!