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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mediocrity at its Middling

Yesterday four yogurt eaters (Adam, Kaela, Siarra and myself) met for our second yogurt-eating session of the week which also happened to be the antepenultimate yogurt session of the entire project. Adam and I went to the East-side Marsh while Kaela and Siarra met at the West-side Marsh. Because we are so close to the end, with increasingly fewer and fewer choices of yogurt that we haven't eaten, it has become necessary to go to two different stores to ensure that we can acquire enough yogurt for the session to meet our quota.

And so, we managed to buy enough yogurt (25!) with only minor confusion and a couple of phone calls. Then we headed out and went to our location for the afternoon - my Grandma's porch. We arrived and went about our usual business: cataloging, photo-taking, spoon-readying etc.

Our yogurt spoils for the day was a fairly eclectic group; we had smoothies, Gogurt, fruit on the bottom, and some really thick-textured yogurts. We started off with Raspberry Fruit on the Bottom, which was good enough. Siarra appreciated that it did not have very many seeds. Next came another Dannon - Cherry Light and Fit. We didn't know then that these would be some of the highest averages of the day, earning an 11.75 and 12, respectively.

Then came the smoothies, or rather, the liquefied yogurts. The DanActive yogurt was not a hit among the crowd, except for me. I enjoyed its vanilla and milky taste to a degree, but the others thought it tasted too much of spoiled milk. I certainly would have finished mine, but would not have bought again. I think my immune system is strong enough without buying a 3 fl oz bottle of probiotic drink to fortify it....

The Frusion smoothies were a welcome change from Lake Monroe's assortment of smoothies. The texture this time was much more satisfying and the flavor was better. The highest average of the day went to Frusion Banana Berry with a 13.5.

I had high hopes for the La Creme yogurts but both fell flat. Neither met our expectations, but both were palatable. They just left an odd aftertaste that did not merit a higher score. What followed next was a blur of rainbow-colored, kids-oriented yogurts. Unfortunately for us, the Gogurts that we needed to buy were SpongeBob SquarePants and Scooby-Doo themed. We "feasted" on yogurts with names like Rawberry and the poorly-named Bikini Bottom Berry. All the flavors were not satisfying and tasted more like their color than their flavor. However, the worst of the day was the Watermelon Burst from Yoplait Trix.

There were several more normal yogurts that we ate, but they were nothing to write home about, or I suppose, to blog about. Just average. That pretty much sums up the entire experience. Average. Please stay tuned for our last two sessions plus a wrap-up victory round as well as our final data.

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  1. You guys have more logistical skills and a better data collection design than most professionals I work with...

  2. Praise for your logistical skills isn't technically love, FYI. Although I do love you, of course.

  3. Yeah, except that as far as I can tell, all we really do is rate and calculate averages. Good as we are at those two things, there wouldn't be that much to praise, except that you love us and you know it.