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Sunday, August 15, 2010

"This acorn was in my pants!"

Today, I rejoined EAFYIDPET after a few weeks of being away. It was nice to get back in the yogurt swing of things. Adam, Kaela, Jessica, and I met at the east side Bloomingfoods for our second-to-last yogurt tasting of the summer. It's amazing how quickly time has gone.

We then traveled to the IU campus for this yogurt tasting, and sat at the raging rapids of the Jordan River (really just a stream). It is a very nice spot, and the river is filled with tiny fish, who greatly enjoyed the palate-cleansing oyster crackers we broke up and threw to them. It was also shaded, which is important considering the insanely hot weather we've been getting in Bloomington recently.

Because we are running so short on yogurt flavors to eat, we had to have several different kinds, though the day was definitely focused on Stoneyfield. We had our first encounter with Yo Baby yogurt since the disastrous time at the B-Line trail. True to this last time, it received pretty low ratings. The liquidy consistency was still a concern, and in addition, the flavor was just not good enough. However, the Yo Kids squeezers were on average better than their cup counterpart. The flavor was good enough to earn the squeezers respectable ratings from 11.5-13.5. The cherry squeezers were definitely the standout for all of the Stoneyfield of this session.

The second-best type of Stoneyfield for this session were the probiotics. The French vanilla as well as the strawberry were reasonably tasty, though there are other kinds of yogurt with these flavors that were better-tasting. However, as far as organic yogurt goes, these flavors were fairly good.

Stoneyfield O'Soy yogurt was similar to other soy yogurts which we've tried in that the flavor disappeared after the first few seconds of eating it. However, the flavor which replaced the (fairly tasty) yogurt flavor was really gross, causing all of us to reach for the oyster crackers. Adam didn't seem to mind as much as the rest of us, though, saying that if you ate the strawberry fast enough, you didn't have the chance to catch the bad flavor.

The Stoneyfield smoothies are variable in flavor. The raspberry had a very bad taste, not anything like raspberries at all. However, the strawberry was good, earning a rating of 13. Since I had been absent for the previous sessions at which smoothies had been consumed, I found the liquid texture disconcerting.

The limited edition yogurt had changed since we started cataloging, so we ate mango honey yogurt instead of vanilla maple. The mango honey didn't deserve to be a limited edition at all. Jessica said the yogurt tasted like fish, but to the rest of us, the flavor was so hard to detect it was almost invisible. What's the point of a limited edition yogurt that doesn't taste like anything?

After all of the Stoneyfield, we moved on to other brands. To round out the Liberte brand, we had their blackberry flavor, which was the taste highlight of this yogurt outing with a rating of 14.5. The texture was thick but not disgustingly so, a big relief from Stoneyfield's too-thin consistency. Then we moved on to Greek Gods yogurt, bought due to Jessica's amusement at the concept of "Fig on the bottom" and follower suggestions to try more Greek yogurt. Almost all of these yogurts earned above a 10, but each of them was in some way idiosyncratic. The honey yogurt tasted so strongly of honey it was startling and even slightly unsettling. Fig on the bottom tasted just like figs but was mostly funny because of its name and concept. Pomegranate was the least singular of these yogurts, not having much of a taste. Vanilla cinnamon orange was strange for obvious reasons. It tasted of each component of the yogurt for a short time, making all of us experience a kind of "flavor whiplash". It was very strange and would have been better if the flavors had been more blended.

And with that, we wrapped up our penultimate yogurt foray. Make sure to check out our Picasa album for pictures of this adventure. We will be meeting on Tuesday for our final yogurt-eating experience (except for our as-yet unscheduled victory lap, of which coming later), so don't miss it!!!

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