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Monday, August 9, 2010

Yogurt != Smoothies

Yesterday we journeyed to the beautiful waters of Lake Monroe to eat our yogurt by Fairfax beach. Hold on, quick modification. Drink our yogurt by Fairfax beach. We decided to dive into the world of smoothies, and we were not pleased. Here are the results:

Active Lifestyle - Smoothies
Acai Blueberry Cherry - 9.75
Peach Cranberry Pomegranate - 12.5
Strawberry Pomegranate Cherry - 12
Dannon - Activia
Raspberry - 10
Dannon - Dan Active
Blueberry - 7.5
Strawberry - 9.5
Dannon - Danimals Smoothie
Strawberry Explosion - 9.5
Strikin' Strawberry Kiwi - 9
Swingin' Strawberry Banana - 9.75
Dannon - Dan-o-nino
Banana - 6 (chalky and hard to swallow)
Raspberry - 4.50 (chalky and hard to swallow)
Strawberry - 9.75 (chalky and hard to swallow)
Dannon - Light and Fit
Strawberry - 13
Kroger - Light
Lemon - 9.75
Peach - 10.75
Vanilla Cranberry - 11.25
Kroger - Smoothies
Peach - 8
Raspberry - 10
Weight Watchers - Original
Strawberry - 7.5
Yoplait - Delights
Cream Caramel - 9.75
Yoplait - Delights
Lemon Torte - 12.25
Triple Berry Cream - 10.5
Yoplait - Fiber One
Key Lime Pie - 13.5
Strawberry - 11.5

As you can see, the yogurts with "Smoothie" in the title or brand name did not do very well (neither, might I note, did those named after dinosaurs). Most of the smoothies were not very thick and tasted either like nothing or like nothing we wanted to be drinking. When we finally reached the creamy and jellulous (it got one Google hit. I can use it) grounds of real yogurt once again, we were so enthralled we cheered and sang. Well maybe not "we." But I did. The conclusion was thus: smoothies are smoothies and yogurt is yogurt. While yogurt may go into smoothies, it should not be the only ingredient. I don't know if I would even say that it should be the main ingredient. But we are not smoothie experts; we are yogurt experts.

The actual yogurt of the day turned out to be average. We finished off the Weight Watchers brand with Strawberry, which turns out to be their worst flavor, in our opinion. Their best was the Black Cherry, which is a personal favorite of mine. The best yogurt of the day was Yoplait FiberOne's Key Lime Pie, which I happily took home. In fact, the Key Lime Pie was so good (in my opinion - Jessica gave it an 11) that I made an actual key lime pie after dinner. And there was much rejoicing.

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