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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Amazing Disappearing Flavor

Hi, everyone! We had our yogurt-eating session a day early this week due to schedule conflicts tomorrow. Today we met at the smallest Bloomingfoods in town and actually ended up buying all of the flavors there that we hadn't already tried at our previous Bloomingfoods foray. Even though this sounds like an impressive achievement, it only added up to ten flavors, compared to our usual 14.

After we finished buying our yogurt for the day, we walked to the courthouse and sat at a memorial. We debated whether or not this was disrespectful, but when we saw that the inscription on the memorial urged us to "drink and be merry," or something similar, we figured that eating yogurt and being merry would be okay with the woman for whom the monument was built.

We began our experience with soy yogurt today with some of Whole Soy and Co's flavors. This yogurt was very interesting, because although the flavor started out being very good, the taste soon disappeared and was inevitably replaced by a bland soy taste. With each flavor, we began the cup of yogurt impressed but were increasingly confused by the fact that the taste simply... left.

While eating the soy yogurt, we realized that the sky was looking quite ominous. Afraid of what the rain might do to our yogurt, we gathered up all of our cups and searched for shelter. While walking into the Fountain Square Mall, we ran into our schoolmate Jamaica with a friend. We were very excited, because Dennis had just finished printing our business cards, so we gave them our first two!! We even took a picture.

In Fountain Square Mall, we finally settled in a circle on the floor in front of the waterfall. Apart from a few strange looks and a call from the security guard to not leave a mess, we didn't get approached again, so there was no call for more business-card awesomeness. We then settled down to the matter of cream tops.

It sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Cream in yogurt? Delicious. People sometimes eat cream with fruit, so how bad could cream with yogurt be?

Pretty bad.

Although we found both Stoneyfield and Brown Cow Cream Top yogurt to have generally good flavor in terms of the fruit, the addition of cream simply made the yogurt taste weird. Sometimes the addition of extra cream was more palatable than other times, but inevitably the taste of butter would linger long after the taste of fruit. Mostly, it would be buttery-tasting, but there were also odd instances of certain yogurts tasting like their fruit along with other food items. The Brown Cow strawberry definitely tasted like strawberry jam and butter on toast, and Siarra insisted that the Brown Cow maple tasted like waffles with syrup. Both toast and waffles are great, but the taste of these foods in yogurt put us off (except for Siarra, who seemed to enjoy it), similarly to the pineapple upside-down cake and apple turnover yogurts from Tuesday.

Thus, with soy and cream top yogurt, we ended our yogurting for today. For the next few weeks, we will all be on strange schedules and will therefore need to find unusual times to meet. Until then, look for our ratings and pictures from today, coming soon!

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  1. Drink and be "crateful"!

    And the strawberry and maple flavors were the bomb-en-ist! Haha.