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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gravity-defying yogurt

Yesterday we made the long trek out to the beautiful Brown County State Park.
As you can see, it was probably the most gorgeous yogurt eating thus far, perhaps not even in our journey but in the world over. At least on the scale that we eat yogurt.

The one downfall of eating yogurt there is that near wonders, one must often make compromises about one's wooden tables. The table we sat at, while being in the shade, was at about a nine degree slope, assuming Siarra is good at balancing her camera.

Both Yeesoo and I felt a little carsick after sitting so precariously, but we were determined to not let such odd gravitational feelings detract from our yogurt ratings. As it turned out, the yogurt we picked was perfect for this askew situation, as it was possibly the thickest yet, with the exception of Yoplait Delights.
I must say, Yoplait knows thick. Their Thick and Creamy varieties, both Light and not Light, were almost pudding-like. While Jessica enjoyed that consistency, I tried to imagine mixing such yogurt with granola, which is how I like my yogurt, and came up very puzzled. Would my wrists get sore after mixing such thick yogurt? Would the granola be able to soak any of the yogurt up, as I like it to? Would the consistency of the yogurt force me to occasionally resort to YoBaby and YoKids to balance consistencies? Lastly, can Thick and Creamy really be Light? Such questions perturbed me throughout the experience.

In terms of flavor, though, the day was lovely. Yeesoo did not enjoy Cinnamon Roll at all, but Siarra and I, who are dessert yogurt fans, found it lovely and 12ish. Yoplait Thick and Creamy merited a 17, the highest yogurt has ever gotten, from Jessica, though the rest of us found it only in 16 or 15 range. Jessica is known for her love of Vanilla, though, and she didn't have my consistency issues.

It was a beautiful day of yogurting, followed by excellent board games. I highly recommend Jumanji to anyone who likes to get really really stressed out and then have a wonderful cathartic release of fear once a teammate calls "Jumanji!!!" Truly, the game is not about surviving, but is instead about winning. Here, as always, are the averages:

Dannon Activia 
Blueberry - 12
Cherry - 11.33
Mixed Berry - 10.33
Strawberry and Cereal - 10.67
Dannon Light and Fit
Peach - 10.67
Strawberry - 11
Vanilla - 12.67
Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy
Blueberry Pie - 10.33
Cherry Chobbler - 9.33
Cinnamon Roll - 10.33
Lemon Meringue - 8.67
Strawberry - 13
Yoplait Original 
Coffee - 10.33
Harvest Peach - 10.67
Yoplait Thick and Creamy
Vanilla - 16


  1. I feel like I stole half the EAFYIDPET for summer camp work. Because I did. Oops!

    You all are CRAZY! It's so funny to read such a well-written, earnest blog about tasting 300+ flavors of yogurt. I can't wait to see how your data analysis phase goes.

  2. I think I did a pretty good job at capturing the angle - The trees in the background seem to be pretty close to parallel with the sides of the picture.

  3. That is a gorgeous and fun dish! That is a seriously awesome apple. :)

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