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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keep on Moving Past Stoneyfield

Hello World,

Yesterday we sampled yogurt from Bloomingfoods and ate under an awning on the B-line Trail. The largest group of Yogurt Eaters yet (8!) tried Stoneyfield Yo Baby, Yo Kids, Light and Fat Free. None of these were as big of a hit as Wednesday's Yoplait Lights. The highest average score of the day was almost a full three points lower than the highest average score from Wednesday.

Yo Baby and Yo Kids are aptly named and not meant for adults who like a normal texture and consistency in their yogurt. Both were extremely runny and we had our share of mishaps with dripping. Moreover, the flavors were poorly developed and there was nothing extraordinary about any of the flavors except that there did not seem to be any.

With the first two groups finished, we had our fingers crossed that the Lights and Fat Free would blow us away and save our yogurt experience. No such luck. Both types required a lot of stirring and the lumps never fully disappeared. The typical flavors like blueberry and raspberry were average and the more atypical flavors like Chocolate Underground or Strawberry Pomegranate fluctuated around the averages (although I found Chocolate Underground to be especially distasteful).

With that said, we got 19 yogurts out of the way and enjoyed the beautiful evening, even if the yogurt was not overwhelmingly good. People still had their favorites: Adam really liked Key Lime Fat Free and Hannah (once again) favored banana flavored yogurt and liked the Banilla Yo Kids. Overall, there are more delicious yogurts available.

Stay tuned for more EAFYIDPET ratings!


  1. Agreement on the Yo Kids. Blueberry and Stawberry taste like the same grey runny goo. Especially when room temperature. Ew.

  2. Your ratings are RIDICULOUSLY DETAILED. I <3 this project, even though you epic failed on your Boston Cream Pie rating for Yoplait Light.

    YAY Hannah! Power to banana yogurt homegirl!

  3. Patrick!

    I really like the Boston Cream Pie! There is a spreadsheet that lists each person's rating to the yogurt and not just the averaged group rating that appears on the site and I gave that yogurt a 13. I think it is really good, but I seem to be the only one.

    Aaaand, (I get to use my yogurt knowledge for the first time!), I also recommend the Weight Watchers Boston Cream Pie because I gave that one a 13 too!

  4. One positive thing about Stonyfield is that it is basically the only brand that my dad can eat.