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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We are two.

Hello World.

Today Siarra and I partook in 6 different varieties of yogurts that we bought from Bloomingfoods: Cascade Fresh, Silk, Whole Soy and Co., Liberte, and Brown Cow Low Fat and Cream Tops.

After buying our yogurt, we went to the Mall Food Court where there were plenty of open tables for us to use. After stacking and taking the usual pictures, we got right down to business. First came the Whole Soy and Co. yogurts which boasted the same disappearing flavor as the other yogurts from the same brand. The texture was acceptable, but the fruit flavor disappeared very quickly and we were left with just the soy. Peach was the best of the three - just managing to nab a score of ten. (Any score above ten means that we would finish the yogurt if we were eating it normally. Anything higher than about 12 means that we would not only finish but purchase again.)

Next came the Silk yogurts. Strawberry was the standout in the category, while Blueberry was the worst. It was noted that the Silk yogurt (also soy) had a longer lasting flavor than the Whole Soy, but that was not necessarily a good thing. Siarra pointed out that the aftertaste was almost that of bathroom cleaner. Not exactly delicious.

Brown Cow Lemon Twist got high markings just for being what it said it was. It tasted like yogurt ought to and was pleasantly lemon-y. The chocolate, on the other hand, was really, really bad. It was bitter and tasted more like black coffee than anything else. We even checked the container to make sure that it wasn't coffee by mistake.

The Cascade Fresh yogurts followed, where Boysenberry was the clear winner. I had never heard of boysenberries before, but the container had a picture of a fruit that was akin to a blackberry. On the whole, it was very refreshing and a thoroughly delightful yogurt.

And now, for the real winning brand of the session: Liberte. This yogurt is more of a greek-style yogurt. It was really thick and rich. It boasted unique flavors which were well developed and consistent. All three of the yogurts that we had were really good. The Strawberry was the best of the three, but the Plum Walnut had a really good, nutty flavor. Siarra and I discussed how eating the yogurt made us happy. That is something that I hadn't come across yet. I truly enjoyed eating these.

After we cleaned up our mess, we played a Harry Potter board game which we had brought. There are lots of fun pictures - take a look when Siarra posts them.

On a whole, today reinforced the idea that soy yogurts just aren't that good and that Greek yogurts triumph. Stay tuned for the latest pictures and for Friday's yogurt sessions. See the below post for complete ratings.

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