Eating all flavors of yogurt so you don't have to.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"There comes a point where you just can't crush anymore!"

We had a wonderful yogurt session today on top of the Atwater Parking Garage. My yogurt surprise was awesome posters and business cards that are soon to be plastered around Bloomington. Adam is the blogger for the session, so I'm sure he'll post once he's done with his lab. Until then, here is the data!

Dannon Danimals Crush Cup
Cherry-licious - 11.5
Blueberry Blast - 11.75
Strawberry Smash - 11.25
Dannon Fruit on the Bottom
Peach (revisited) - 10.7
Strawberry Banana - 13.5
Yoplait Light
Apple Turnover - 9.25
Pineapple Upside Down Cake - 8
Yoplait Delights
Chocolate Raspberry - 15
Breyers Yo Crunch
Vanilla with Butterfinger - 12
Strawberry with Granola - 10.5
Vanilla with M & M's - 12
Cookies & Cream with Oreo - 11
Strawberry with Crunch - 14.5
Strawberry with M & M's - 15.5


  1. I don't understand how Dannon Peach Fruit on the Bottom got rated as 10.7 (since there were four of us) or why it's "revisited." Explanation?

  2. We had already eaten that one. Hannah and I accidentally bought it today as a repeat, so he had to do a little changing to include scores from the previous time as well.

  3. Yoplait Light Apple Turnover is super awesome for mixing with oatmeal. I think the freakiness comes from having cold, creamy apple turnover.