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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

“Do not eat crackers from the hand that scratches the foot.”

Hello all,

Today’s yogurt adventure was quite successful, beginning with the purchase of 16 Kroger Light, and 2 Kroger Blended yogurts, and a pleasant drive over to Highland Village Park. I maybe shouldn’t say that it was a pleasant drive, because Dennis and Jessica were busy playing their kazoos the entire time.

Upon arrival we wandered around the park looking for an unoccupied table, and finally settled for one near the playground. We promptly unpacked, stacked, and photographed our cups, and began eating. It should be noted that our rating system (1-20) produces “all inclusive” numbers. This means that our ratings take into account not just flavor, but also texture, consistency, etc.

That being said, we found most of the yogurts to be quite delicious. Of the Lights, the French Apple, Vanilla, Peach Pomegranate, and Strawberry all received impressive ratings. Some of the yogurts had bits of fruit in them – as many brands do. But Kroger’s bits of fruit were…crispier? Crunchier? I’m not quite sure how to describe them, but they tasted more like real fruit than some of the other brands we have had.

But our good luck couldn’t last forever. What would an EAFYIDPET session be without a few horrendous flavors? The Piña Colada had some of us gagging, while others stuffed crackers in their mouths and ran for the water fountain to wash their spoons. Yes, it was bad enough that we couldn’t even lick the rest of it off our utensils. It is not only the yogurt with the lowest average thus far, but it is also our first flavor to receive 0’s as ratings. In short, we don’t recommend that one, ever…under any circumstances. The Coconut Cream was also pretty gross, but palatable, unlike its aforementioned coconut counterpart, and it acquired an average rating of 3. In addition, we had two flavors that received special notes in our logs. Dennis remarked that the Orange yogurt tasted very much like the orange flavored fluoride you get at the dentist; and many of us were shocked to find that the Blackberry Pomegranate has a slightly fishy taste.

The two Blended yogurts we tried were pretty good, but nothing special. I quite liked the texture; they were thick, and very smooth. Jessica commented that they tasted exactly like Kroger’s frozen yogurts of the same flavors.

Overall, I think we had a good day. Kroger was full of surprises (mostly good, but some shockingly bad), and I would consider buying many of the flavors again. The texture was pleasant, and much more normal than some of the organic yogurts we’ve had the last few weeks. We still have quite a few Kroger yogurts to get through, so expect another post about them in the future! Hopefully round two will be just as successful as the first.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back for more updates! Our schedule might get a little strange for the next two weeks, as many of us are involved with camps and other summer activities, but we’ll continue to make posts. Just keep watching for them!


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