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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Backstory

Hi, everyone! I'm Hannah. I just wanted to clarify a few topics about our EAFYIDPET mission for this summer. It all started one day during lunch. Jessie, Kaela, and I all sit together, but one day I was gone. Jessie and Kaela began a conversation about yogurt and how much they liked it (because who doesn't like yogurt?). Jessie, Dennis, Adam, Siarra and I are all outgoing high school seniors, so I think we felt a need to have a summer project, just so that we could see each other more than we otherwise might during the summer. What better way to link hanging out with friends to yogurt than to have a summer project involving yogurt?

So it was decided. Our whole summer would be spent eating yogurt. How hard could it be, we reasoned (I was let in on the plan when I returned to school), to go to each of the major grocery stores in town, catalog each brand and flavor of yogurt, and then eat them all? At first, we thought we could accomplish the task with just the three of us.

On the first day of our project, then, Kaela, Jessica, and I went to Kroger, Marsh, and Bloomingfoods (the co-op) and cataloged each flavor of yogurt. Then we did the math. With 332 different flavors of yogurt in Bloomington, we would need to eat 14 different flavors of yogurt twice a week in order to complete our goal by the end of the summer. We started right away and bought 14 different Marsh brand flavors. About an hour later, we realized how absurd this way of completing our goal really was: our stomachs hurt and we only felt like going to sleep. There was no way that we could possibly accomplish this goal by ourselves.

That was the way that we decided that we needed back-up. Our friends were more than willing to help. With four or more people at our twice-a-week sessions, consuming so much yogurt is much easier.

We've been keeping a spreadsheet with each of our individual ratings for each flavor of yogurt. We also document each place where we eat the yogurt, because once we eat yogurt in one place, we are forbidden to eat yogurt there again. So far, we've visited Marsh's cafeteria, Lake Griffy's Dam, Karst Farm Park, Dunn Meadow, and behind the couch at my house. The idea behind this "Different Places Every Time" rule was to explore interesting places in and around Bloomington.

Siarra has been assigned to document our yogurt-eating session for today. Until then,

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