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Thursday, July 15, 2010

More organic yogurts...

There was not meant to be any enthusiasm in the title. I am all for organic and did rate the soy yogurts higher because they were soy, but there needs to be some taste work done.... In other news, this was the first time we had all of us together!!!

Hannah is the blogger for the session, but, as always, here are the averages, as provided by our President of Information Services, Kaela (that was a lot of appositives...):

Whole Soy and Co.:
Blueberry - 10.5
Cherry -  9
Lemon - 8.5
Brown Cow Cream Top:
Blueberry - 9.16666666666667
Cherry Vanilla - 12
Maple - 9
Strawberry - 10.8333333333333 (tastes like toast)
Vanilla - 12.5
Stoneyfield Cream Top:
French Vanilla - 9.33333333333333
Strawberries 'n Cream - 10.5

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  1. bought 12 containers of stonyfield chocolate underground today :) its my favorite!!!