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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yogurt by Firelight (with a little help from a flashlight, too)

Siarra again, with the update:

Saturday night, the yogurt eaters assembled in my backyard for a special edition late night EAFYIDPET by firelight. As if this summer hasn't been hot enough, we had to create our own heat source. Luckily, the sun was down, so it was actually pretty nice. However, the sun being down created problems of its own when we had trouble seeing the yogurt. Jessica in particular was quite disturbed, and we passed around a flashlight to make sure we could see what we were eating.

We started with a round of Kroger Fruit on the Bottom, where the flashlight immediately proved its use, since otherwise I'm sure we would have failed miserably at getting all of the chunks and fruit goo stirred in properly. Peach was particularly strange, however, as there wasn't any fruit goo . . . simply chunks. Furthermore, the flavor was very subtle, and also had a hint of pineapple.

After Fruit on the Bottom, there was Kroger Blended. As a group, Blended has a nice texture, though as Jessica said, "They aren't blended very well" as some of them still have fruit chunks. Cherry was quite disappointing in this type, and we gave it a unanimous 7. However, Cherry Vanilla is my new personal favorite. It has a very interesting flavor that Kaela identified as chocolate. I'd highly recommend, though Kaela and Jessica disagree.

Blueberry was our only Kroger Lite flavor of the night. I'm pretty sure that this was the odd blueberry flavor (our third of the session) in that it "whispered". The flavor simply wasn't very strong.

As a matter of fact, all of the aforementioned yogurts (aside from the wonderful cherry vanilla) were pretty bland. They weren't particularly bad, and are definitely acceptable for passive yogurt eating as a quick breakfast or with lunch, but nothing remarkable.

Then we come to Dan-o-Nino. Don't get excited. These tiny yogurts targeted at children don't fit into the bland category because they were delicious. No. The three flavors we had today, strawberry banana, vanilla, and peach, were probably the thickest and heaviest yogurts I've ever eaten, as well as being extremely chalky and otherwise unpleasant. Plus, the flavor was not at all a redeeming quality. The only upside was the fact that the package came with a cute magnet. However, we do not look forward to the six or so more flavors.

That was it for our yogurt rating, but the fun was not over quite yet. We weren't going to let the fire go to waste so we made s'mores. And even though Jessica dropped her marshmallow on the ground and a new one had to be toasted, a good time was had by all.

Keep your eyes out for the next blog post!


  1. Excuse me, Siarra, but I think that *you* are the one who dropped my marshmallow. Hem. Hem.